T3 Performance is fast becoming the Okanagan's first choice for quality automotive service & upgrades.

We are automotive enthusiasts ourselves; we live, breathe, maintain, upgrade & drive our cars too

so we understand your passion!

We  provide a welcoming atmosphere with the camaraderie, transparency, and a professional service that our car communities deserves. Every customer is as unique and special as their car and we treat every vehicle that comes through the shop as if it were our own.

We are proud to supply & install some of the worlds top performance parts & accessories and continue to focus on providing the most up to date and current automotive mechanical service for all European makes & models.

The T3 Performance Team


Tim Tishenko


T3's owner & founder, Tim launched the business after almost 20 years of personal & professional, hands on experience with performance upgrades. Humble beginnings with Volkswagens progressed and brought about Tim's first major upgrade; a 2000 Jetta TDI with an ALH engine and a 5-speed manual. This sparked an obsession for diesels that has lasted a lifetime.

Even in the early stages of his career, Tim made a name for himself among local car communities; known for his knowledge & attention to detail which made for some incredible projects. 


Tim has dedicated his career to the car industry gaining essential experience in all areas of car performance, from working in dealerships as a parts and service advisor with VW, parts specialist for Audi and working with a huge range of automotive professionals & drivers. This experience became the building blocks of his career and laid the foundations for the launch of T3 Performance.

When Tim is away from the shop and not driving, you can usually find him in the kitchen cooking up a storm or spending time at the dog park with his dogs. 

Brian Scranton

Brian joined the T3 Team in 2020 and has proven to be an invaluable asset. Brain gained his Red Seal Certification as an Automotive Service Technician in 2019, and has been engrossed in the industry for many years prior.

Brian has expansive knowledge of many car brands, but has most recently focused his skills as an Audi Certified Technician.


Brian’s passion for vehicles started early on in his life by the means of Hot Wheels, the Fast & Furious series, and Forza video games and the obsession for phenomenal cars continues.

Brian is passionate, detail oriented, and gets great work satisfaction when diagnosing and successfully fixing an issue with any vehicle.